Beautiful Bouquets

With Valentines day just a few sleeps away, it seems like beautiful blooms are on display around every corner!! Flowers (I think, at least) are the best gift for your loved ones on V-Day, and will always be appreciated (I’m talking to you Nick).  With this in mind, I’ve gone through the archives of all the beautiful real weddings I’ve had the honour of being a part of, and gathered my top 5 favourite Bridal bouquets.  So, without further ado (and in no particular order)….

Nicole&Brad-03921. This Pender Island wedding holds a very special place in my heart, for many reasons….and the guinea feathers poking through in Nicole’s soft and romantic bouquet, just so happens to be one of those reasons.

Bouquet by: Verbena Floral Design | Photo by: Jennifer Ballard Photography  | Pender Island, 2012

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2. This textural beauty is so incredibly unique, and was perfectly fitting for this Farm wedding. And I could star at those rich colours all day long…I mean, black ranunculus’ in a bouquet?  Gorgeous!!!!

Bouquet by: Rook & Rose Floral Design Boutique | Photo by: AMERIS | Birds Eye Cove, 2013

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3. This soft and natural inspired bouquet, just oozed romance!  The splashes of chocolate cosmos, mixed with berries, lush roses, and soft ferns, was utter perfection for this farm to table wedding.  I’m pretty sure I could stare at this one all day!

Bouquet by: Clare Day Flowers  |  Photo by: Centric Photography  |  Birds Eye Cove, 2014


4. This one had me at hello.  The rich colour palette, textural elements, flowing ribbon…it was even more stunning in person! And making it even more special, a lady slipper orchid was added at the last minute by chance, which just so happened to be the national flower of Singapore (the Bride’s home)

Bouquet by: Verbena Floral Design  |  Photo by: Kelly Brown Photographer  |  Starling Lane, 2014



5. This sweet posy was filled with so much goodness, I can hardly stand it!!  Featuring my personal favourite flower of all time, the Anenome, it couldn’t not make this list!  And the perfect balance of texture and soft blooms, makes it perfectly west coast!

Bouquet by: FLEURtacious by Lynda Marie | Photo by: Hunt and Gather Photography | Ward Room, 2013



In Conversation with Adrian Michael: Fine Art Photography

I’ve admired Fine Art Photography for many years now, what with the likes of photography celebrities, Jose Villa and Elizabeth Messina, gracing the pages of so many inspirational blogs. It wasn’t until I met and got to know local fine art photographer, Adrian Michael, that I truly understood what fine art photography really is, and how film captures such breathless and ethereal images, time and time again.  With the increasing popularity of film up here in Canada, and with blogs such as Vale & Vine, that are focusing primarily on Canadian fine art photography, there is an extraordinary amount of choices for couples out there, looking to find their wedding photographer.  Everyone is looking for something different in their wedding photos, and we all have such different priorities and tastes, and so I thought it would be a good idea to have a chat with Adrian, to find out what makes film different from digital photography, hopefully allowing couples to be more educated in their options.


{FKE} What is fine art photography, and how does it differ from traditional photography?

{AMP} I think the main factors to defining fine art photography would be natural light, film photography, and direction from the photographer.

  • Natural light – it comes in so many forms – backlight, window light, open shade, filtered light, overcast, and so on. It seems obvious to state, but it always looks natural. When used properly by the photographer, it gives images a timeless, soft and ethereal feeling.
  • Film – Natural light combined with film photography is a match made in heaven. They way film holds natural light is magical. It’s not necessary to shoot film to be a “fine art photographer” but digital lacks the ability to hold as much detail in both the highlights and shadows of an image, and a digital image sensor just can’t produce the depth that you see in film. Film is magical!
  • Direction – Fine art photography is the artist inserting themselves into a situation. They give a lot of guidance to the subject, and craft images with thought, attention to detail, and with a vision. This doesn’t mean they don’t capture candid moments – but they know when to step in to turn a good image into a great image.
{FKE} What inspired you to begin to shoot with film?{AMP} I started shooting film because that was my only option at the time! I got my start in photography in 2001, and film was the standard back then. I did switch over to digital in 2006, when it seemed like film was doomed to go extinct. But I just didn’t care for it and switched back to film a couple of years later. The colours and natural grain of film are just so beautiful to me, and a digital camera just doesn’t measure up – no matter how many mega pixels!


{FKE}What are your favourite things/moments to capture during the wedding day?

{AMP} This is a tough question! Every wedding is so different and presents itself with unique moments and events. But to categorize, I have been loving groom portraits lately. Sometimes the spotlight shines so brightly on the bride that the groom takes a backseat on the big day. It’s his big day, too! I like to make sure he gets great portraits. I love the bridal portraits so much too, right after she’s donned her dress. There is so much anticipation and excitement – they always make for album worthy photographs. I also love the walk down the aisle after the ceremony. It’s such an iconic moment, the first steps as husband and wife – huge smiles, high-fives, confetti flying – a moment of pure joy and happiness, and that photo is one that will stay in an album or on their mantle for the rest of their lives.


{FKE}How does the editing process differ from digital photography?

{AMP} This is one of my favourite things about shooting film. When I shot digital, I would spend countless hours staring at my computer, editing colour and contrast to every photo. But now, I send the film to my lab where the develop and scan it. The scanning is so important. I have a colour profile with my lab, and they scan each negative to make sure the colours and contrast match up just the way I like them. Then they send me the scans online, and ship the negatives and proof prints in the mail. My clients get the proof prints and the scans. This is very important to me: I want them to see the photographs printed on paper before they look at the digital files. This is film’s biggest advantage – it looks SO amazing when printed. I also think it’s so much better to flip through prints than looking through your photos by hitting an arrow on a keyboard. It’s tangible, and warm and so much more real and meaningful than a cold computer screen.

{FKE} Where do you see fine art photography going, in the wedding world?{AMP} Fine art photography is a force in the wedding industry, and seems to only get stronger each year. Especially in the US and Europe. It’s finally starting to catch on in Canada. It’s not just a trend, film is here to stay. It fits the aesthetic of a wedding day so perfectly. For couples that are looking for timeless and crafted images, it is the perfect option.

49 To see more of Adrian Michael’s work, please check out his blog, as well as his most recent features (alongside FKE) on Vale and Vine, here and here.
*All images in this post, courtesy of Adrian Michael Photography

An Etsy Obsession

I’m going to just go ahead and assume that you have all heard of Etsy….right?!!  If not, get on that NOW!!  Etsy is an incredible online market place that connects designers from ALL around the world with buyers from ALL around the world! Pretty cool!  If you know me well, you know that I have a very big soft spot for Etsy, and often find wedding decor and supplies from there.  The service is always fabulous, and I love knowing that I am supporting someone who like me, works from home and puts everything they have into their craft.  Over the past couple of months, my Mailman has been more like Santa, delivering all my most recent purchases, and so I thought I’d share some of my finds with everyone!

Custom Address Stamp

There are a lot of Etsy shops that can make custom address stamps, but I stumbled across Simply And Pretty a couple of years ago, and have used them ever since!  They are always able to take a custom design that I have, and turn it into either a wooden handled stamp, or a self-inking stamp (great for when you have 100+ invites to address!).

il_570xN.552099218_fgut il_570xN.469386891_aehh

Twine (and other finishing touches)

One of the philosophies behind French Kiss Events, is that it is the “small things in life that matter the most, and the small details that make an event unforgettable!”.  And what better way to add details, then through carefully curated twine, paper and stickers?!! Knot & Bow is based out Brooklyn, NY, and is one of the bigger shops on Etsy.  She carries some of the BEST “packaging” pieces, and I can’t get enough of the Gold & Silver twine that I most recently purchased! I can’t wait to start wrapping up some invites!


Vendor Apron

This is probably what I am most excited about right now.  Seriously.  I stumbled across the lovely shop, Oatmeal Lace Design, via an Instagram account of a wedding planner who I LOVE down in the states.  They make custom aprons for vendors that are totally branded for each company!  Mine are officially in the mail, and I am SOO excited to get them, and finally get to put them to use at my next wedding!! Here’s a look of the one that inspired me to get on the apron bandwagon…


Envelope Liners

My first experience with envelope liners involved a LOT of wasted pretty paper and ultimately a very frustrated planner! Then, I discovered that there are these crafty people out there who you can BUY them from!  Amazing!!  And when hunting for something specific like a sequinned liner, Etsy is the perfect place.  I recently ordered some from Wakhtarr Paper Company, for an invitation design I worked on for a FKE couple, and couldn’t believe how perfect they were!!  And no angry late nights with my paper cutter…even better!

il_570xN.423988840_px57 il_570xN.424000161_h8tg

Nursery Mobile

This last one obviously has nothing to do with weddings, but I couldn’t resist sharing!! One of the lovely ladies who will has joined the FKE wedding team this summer, just launched her own Etsy shop, Kater Creative.  She showed me her mobiles a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn’t wait to snap one up for a baby shower I have coming up!  It is going to be the PERFECT addition to their nursery, and I can’t wait to give it to my good friends!



Happy shopping everyone!!


*All photo’s used above are curtesy of the corresponding Etsy shops.  Click on the picture to check out their site.*

FKE: the film

Last fall/winter, I set out on a branding mission.  Not so much a “re-brand” (as I am still head over heels in love with my logo, designed for me by the crazy talented Meade Design Group), but a continued effort to keep things fresh and to take the company to the next level.  I had a slew of wonderful friends who helped me along the way, and I am so thankful for all of their amazing talent, vision, and help!!  We spent a day in the rain, with Kim Kalyn, snapping these perfect shots, and Laura, of Tuktu Paper worked tirelessly alongside me to produce some rad new paper goods (blog post of that coming soon)

Chelsea, of Paper Heart Films, is probably one of the sweetest people I know.  Her films are filled with heart (no pun intended!) from the get go, and always manage to capture the essence of the story being told.  When I began my branding mission, I wanted to have a film that would give people a better sense of who I am, and also what French Kiss Events is all about.  My love for weddings and the planning/design approach that I take is woven into everything that I do, and what better way to share that with everyone, then through a video!  I knew right away that Chelsea would be the perfect person to put together this behind the scenes/about video for me, and every time I watch it, I get a huge smile on my face!!  So please, check it out, and also be sure to give Paper Heart Films some serious love.


FKE featured on 100 Layer Cake

I am so excited to get to share this game changer of a DIY, that Laura, of Tuktu Paper Co. asked me to collaborate on!  Laura has always impressed me with her craftiness, but my mind was seriously blown, when she first told me about the process of transferring.  Basically, you can take any printed material (black & white OR colour), and “transfer” it onto a wooden surface.  Talk about wedding planner heaven!!  So, along with Rita Steenssens, of Studio 1079 Photography and Cassie O’Neil Cinematography, Laura & I had one of the most delightful mornings I can remember, shooting the quick and easy process, snacking on some cheese, enjoying the cheerful blooms, and catching up like good friends do.   The finished product was even better than I could have imagined, and I just love how the final table came together!

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 4.42.56 PM

I couldn’t think of a BETTER place to share this DIY, then on the always inspiring blog, 100 Layer Cake!  100 Layer Cake is one of the first blogs that I check in the morning, as their bright, fun and trend setting posts always put a smile on my face, and so thank you sooo much to the ladies over there, for putting a HUGE smile on my face this morning 🙂 Definitely make sure to head over to the feature to view all the steps, as well as check out Cassie’s fun video here!



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