Maren & Ben

Working on Maren & Ben’s wedding, at the stunning Inn at Laurel Point, was a wedding planners dream come true!  Not only were they an incredibly sweet and gracious couple, (with THE BEST sense of humour!) but they had an obvious appreciation for quality, and were totally committed to ensuring that their guests had an amazing time! Which is, in my opinion, the best priority to have!

Originally from Germany, Maren had many guests travelling to Victoria for their wedding, and wanted to make sure that they were made to feel right at home.  So with a nod to their international theme, amazing custom Passport invitations, were designed by the extremely talented Tuktu Paper Co.  Many of the paper goods by Tuktu, were done in both English & German, including my favourite, the Bi-lingual Phrases to know/Escort card.  It had the basics, like “My name is…”, and “Do you know the Bride/Groom”, and then the super handy ones like, “My room number is….” and “I’ve had too much to drink. Please don’t take me seriously” (which in case you were wondering, is “Ich habe zu viel getrunken, nimm mich bitte nicht ernst.” in German)

Dahlia’s and Baby’s-breath were the flowers of choice, and were the perfect fit for the soft grey, pink & green colour palette;  Clare Day Flowers went above and beyond to deliver some of the most romantic and fresh florals around! And to top it all off, pink and blue slippers were provided to all the guests, to ensure that they could party the night away to Jason Cook’s band, The Adults!! A HUGE thank you to the wickedly talented, Jon-Mark Photo, for the fabulous photo’s below!  And thank you to Maren & Ben, for asking me to be a part of your wedding!  I had the most incredible time working with you both on the planning and design, and couldn’t have asked for a more lovely Bride & Groom!

benmarenwedding-1019 benmarenwedding-1037 benmarenwedding-1052benmarenwedding-1075 benmarenwedding-1125benmarenwedding-1145              benmarenwedding-1144benmarenwedding-1148benmarenwedding-1170benmarenwedding-1139              benmarenwedding-1232 benmarenwedding-1234              benmarenwedding-1236benmarenwedding-1103 benmarenwedding-1134 benmarenwedding-1233 benmarenwedding-1301              benmarenwedding-1305 benmarenwedding-1355benmarenwedding-1335

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