Choosing your Venue

Just like in real estate, a wedding is all about Location, Location, Location!  I often have Bride’s coming to me looking for advice on where their perfect day should take place.  There are so many different venue choices that it becomes difficult at first to narrow the search: Ballrooms, Wineries, Private estates, Restaurants, and Theaters, are only a few of the options available to you.  I always start by reminding the couple that the venue will set the standard for the rest of the wedding. It influences your theme, guest list, decor, and food, so it is important to take time to priortize and decide what is right for you and your fiance! So, when starting your venue search, here are a few pointers from yours truly!


Guest List
Do you have a large extended family who likes to party late into the evening?  Do you have a lot of friends with children who you want to make sure get to celebrate with you?  Maybe you are looking at having a more intimate ceremony & reception with only your closest family & friends.  Whatever your situation is, it is extremely important to decide on your guest list before looking for venues.  This will immediately help you narrow down the search to venues that can hold your numbers and will make the search a lot less frusturating from the get go!

Party Style
Every venue is different, so you can never know for sure what their restrictions are on end time, noise restrictions, and liquor license until you ask. When choosing your venue, decide on what type of a party you would like to have, and then find a venue that can accomodate this.  Whether you are wanting an afternoon wedding with served appy’s to follow, or an all out rager where the guests can dance all night long, it is important to decide this from the beginning because it will help you determine what style of venue is right for you.

This seems like a no brainer, but when considering the costs of certain venues, there is more to consider than just the room rental fee.  Look into the following costs that may come with your preferred venue:
– In-house catering costs
– Equipment/Decor rentals
– Tents
– Accomodation for out of towners
– SoCan Fees/Liquor Licences

The Property
When it really comes down to it, do you love the venue?  This is the most important one I think!!!  You both have to be thrilled with the idea of saying your vows and creating all your amazing memories there, so if it feels right…it probably is 🙂  Always remember to go with your gut and choose a venue that suits you and one that you cannot wait to get married at!!!

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